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​Salon for adult women

It has been over 70 years since Akira opened a salon in Kobe.

We expanded our store base from here in Sannomiya.

Even if the generation changes from then on

As a salon that has always been in Kobe

Received high praise,

Thank you very much.

​It seems like Kobe. An elegant, high-quality experience.


shampoo chair

Relax in a semi-private room

I can spend it♪

The seats are fully flat and can be used in the winter.

In the warmest high-quality shampoo chair

Enjoy the finest shampoo and spa time

You can have a good time.

FLOWDIA's finest treatment

We handle it.

A touch like never before

​Please experience it.

Don't lose to age

​Beautiful hair

Repeated hair color,

Swelling and dryness due to age

Changes can be made dramatically through the power of chemistry.

Also, in akira

Color, cut and perm also available

We perform all treatments without causing any damage.

​Let's grow beautiful hair together.


All treatments will be performed by top stylists.

​ Please use with confidence.



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​ [Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday work]

I'm a mom of two boys! I only watch horror on Netflix ♪ Cuts and shortcuts for adult women and kids

I'm good at growing beautiful hair ♬



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​ [Friday/Saturday work]

My hobbies are tennis and watching movies.

The type who is particular about things.

We will make suggestions that suit everyone.


■Reservation system
We use a reservation system to reduce customer waiting time.
Thank you for your cooperation.


2-9-10 Sannomiya-cho, Chuo-ku, Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture


Opening Hours


Every Monday, Tuesday, 2nd and 4th Sunday

【business hours】


Perm/color/cut until 6:30 PM


​*Click on the photo to check.


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