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akira is in the city of Kobe

It was established in 1953 as a beauty salon.

A long time with Kobe together Overcoming

 "reliable technology",

Being “always sensitive to the ever-changing trends”.

And choose akira For customer trust

I think it's a heart that always keeps answering.

Akira will continue to evolve,

Nice to meet you.

New topics.

【ゴールデンウィークのご案内】 akiraはゴールデンウィーク中も通常通りの営業をさせて頂いています。いつもお忙しくご都合が取りにくい方も、ぜひご予約お待ちしております。

【akira  成人式2024】 今年も華やかで素敵な皆様の成人のお手伝いを、akiraでさせて頂きました! 一部ですが、ぜひご覧ください。

Our shops.

Akira has four stores, mainly in Kobe. Each has a history of over 15 years.​ Yes,

There is a story of that store. Please choose a store near you.

women haircut



akira only employs stylists who have passed dozens of unique curriculum tests. We will suggest hairstyles that match your bone structure, contours, your clothes, and the way you speak. ​I try to create a haircut that is easy to manage and can be styled quickly in the morning.

organic color




Our policy

Beautiful hair even if you continue coloring it. With the motto of ``grow beautiful hair'', we are very particular about how to apply color, materials, and care products.

​If you have trouble with your scalp or if you wish, we will treat you with a technique called ``Zero Tech'' that does not apply any coloring agent to your scalp. From organic colors to herbal colors, we offer colors tailored to your needs.

couple in happy mood

​Grow beautiful hair

Healthy Hair

Once hair is damaged, it will never grow back. It is possible to replenish nutritional ingredients, protect hair, and make it look beautiful, but it requires daily care and thorough treatments. At akira, when it comes to cutting, coloring, perming, or hair straightening, we first consider the importance of not damaging your hair. To this end, we take care to carefully diagnose hair quality, not only using the chemicals we use but also approaching the hair.

akira × SDGs

​Thinking about our future


Don't waste. ...For example, we don't make unnecessary types of colorants or chemicals.I only use drugs that I think are really good and as much as I need.

We also serve your drinks on beautiful tableware. It's convenient to have things that are easy to throw away, but I believe that every little bit helps protect our planet.





Our Collection


​akira KIMONO Style


Wherever you are,
        At any time.
​Technology for a lifetime

akira values the basics.
A technology that has lasted 70 years.
No matter how much times and trends change,
If you know the basics and the human skeleton, you can pass it.

No matter how old you are. Even if you have children.
Connect this history with us in Kobe
We are looking for staff.

A woman who works hard
I will do my best to support you.

Let's shine as a woman, a mom, and a hairdresser with akira!













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