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For your convenience, you can also make reservations online.

Please click on the image below of a store near you to visit.
*You will be redirected to the online reservation page.


App 《Salon Card》
Download and save even more!

Great deal on the app!

You can now make reservations for akira from the app!
You can also manage your visit points and birthday information using the app.
There are also lots of great deals and campaigns that are exclusive to the app!
Please download the akira reservation app <Salon Card>.

Click here for Android phones

Click here if you are using an iPhone

Advantageous points of the app

"good thing"

​There are so many! !


You will receive a coupon during your birthday month♪


You can see your free time at a glance ☆


Same menu as the previous reservation

You can easily make a reservation next time!

Image by Amy Shamblen


Reservation anytime 24 hours◎


​You will receive seasonal coupons♪


Points for visits and reviews

is steadily accumulating♪

Please enter the salon code of the store you are making the reservation for.

Sannomiya store code → 7232

Incheon store code → 4722

Naya store code → 4723

Asagiri store code → 4721

*To receive a coupon for your birthday month,

Please also register your date of birth from [Settings].

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