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akira history...

About akira

Since 1953

Akira's first owner, Akira Nishino, opened a hair salon in Kobe.

​That was a time when hairdressing was still considered a woman's job.

Ever since I set out to become a hairdresser, I have thought about the psychology behind people's actions and observed their movements.

I spend more time thinking in my head than other people and using my hands to understand everything from the customer's bone structure, hair type, and personality.

It affected the cut. ``At some point, people around me told me, ``Akira-san is a genius,'' but I was able to work harder than most,'' she said with a smile.

We will continue to carry on the history of Akira that has been passed down from our predecessors.

​We will all connect sincerely.

                                     Akira Beauty Salon
                            Yasufumi Asada
                               22 people/12 men and 10 women
                                      Meiya store, Sannomiya store, Incheon store, Asagiri store                                
                                 Beauty salon, makeup, bridal, nails
                                  3-6-17 Kitano-cho, Chuo-ku, Kobe City
















Founder Akira Nishino appointed as special technology instructor at Kyoto Beauty School

  Started teaching activities at 30 locations nationwide

  Concurrently serving as National Hairdresser Examiner

Kobe Daimarumae Akira 1st store opened

Kobe Sannomiya Hondori Akira 2nd store opened

Around the World Hair Show in New York
Hair shows held all over the country

Kobe Kitano akira 3rd store opened
Active in TV and magazine serials

Received Kobe City Excellent Facility Award

Akira 4th store opened in Incheon, Nishinomiya City

Akira Nishino (representative) receives Hyogo Prefecture Governor's Award

Akashi City Asagiri Ekimae akira 5th store opened

All stores damaged by the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake

akira 6th store opened in front of Okubo Station, Akashi City

Akira 7th store opens in Naya, Kobe City

2nd generation representative Junko appointed

Hair show held at Naya store

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