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make your happy

stylist yuuki

“Hospitality from the customer’s perspective”

This salon is right next to Asagiri Station.

A red door welcomes you.
Customer service based on the concept of "hospitality" from the customer's perspective

I am careful.
The staff are bright and full of energy, so

Please consult anything.

For natural and beautiful hair

Repeated hair color,

Swelling and dryness due to age

Changes can be made dramatically through the power of chemistry.

Also, in akira

Color, cut and perm also available

We perform all treatments without causing any damage.

​Let's grow beautiful hair together.


All treatments will be performed by top stylists.

​ Please use with confidence.

Stylist Asada

​ [Working at Asagiri/Incheon store]

Born in Kanazawa. Lately I've been addicted to golf and play every week!

​Please leave any hairstyle to us.


​ Director Stylist

Stylist Miyuki



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[Working at Asagiri store/Naya store]
For dried flower arrangements
I'm about to get addicted to it recently♪
I try to create a cool hairstyle by hand drying my hair.

Stylist Kyoko



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​ [Working at Naya store/Asagiri store]

I love fashion and love shopping♪

I am positive about everything and give it my all!

I'm good at "feminine shortcuts"!

star squirrel and yuuki



[Working at Asagiri store]
Reading comics and watching sports
I like it! Specializes in "men's cuts"
​Shampoo is provided by the customer
It has been well received!





[Working at Asagiri store/Naya store]
We strive for courteous customer service and technical skills every day! Master your skills and become a fan
The goal is to receive it!



[Working at Naya store]
​​I am a mother of one son and five daughters, from kindergarten to junior high school!
Spend a pleasant time with your customers
​ I would be happy if you could give it to me!





I'm a fan of Kinpuri's Ren Nagase♪
I'm looking forward to going to the live show
I'm doing my best♪
If you are a fan, please talk to us★

Image by Rihards Dicis



■Reservation system
We use a reservation system to reduce customer waiting time.
Thank you for your cooperation.


1-488-13 Asagiri Minamicho, Akashi City

Park Urban Square 1F


Opening Hours


Every Monday, third Tuesday

【business hours】

■Tuesday to Friday/9:30 AM to perm/color/cut 6:30 PM
■Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays/9:30 AM to perm/color until 5:00 PM Cut until 6:00 PM


​*Click on the photo to check.


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